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Johor Government Introduced New Nationhood And Politics Module For Students

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The Johor government is developing a secondary school module on politics and nationhood.

The module was created by the state Information and Education Departments, according to Norliza Noh, chairman of the State Education, Information, and Communication Committee.

“We are developing a module for secondary school students to raise awareness of their voting responsibilities and the importance of voting.”

She stated that this was in line with the lower voting age, which now allows those aged 18 and up to vote.

Norliza said this in Kota Iskandar’s state assembly today.

She was responding to a question from Hahasrin Hashim (Barisan Nasional-Panti), who asked if, with the advent of Undi18, the state government had a special module for secondary school students on politics.

Norliza stated that the Dato’ Onn Institute would be asked to contribute to the module’s development due to its expertise in the field.

Mohd Hairi Mad Shah, chairman of the state Youth, Sports, Entrepreneur Development, Cooperatives, and Human Resources Committee, is in charge of the institute.

She went on to say that for the time being, students in secondary schools are learning about parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy through Kelab Malaysiaku, which is available in 73 schools across the state.

“Students have also been exposed to the election process through the Election Academy, where they are shown how elections are conducted and given information on the importance of voting responsibly.”

She added that the state information department had also held 20 Undi18-related programmes and briefing sessions in polytechnics and community colleges, as well as for Form Six students across the state.

“The programmes were designed to educate them, particularly those under the age of 18, about their role as citizens in the formation of Malaysia’s government and democratic system.”

Norliza stated that supporting materials for exposing students to democracy and the electoral process had been distributed to secondary schools, particularly Form Six students.

info source – New Straits Times

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