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South America’s Football Chief Steps Up His Bid For The 2030 World Cup

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DOHA – The head of football in South America said on Sunday that FIFA should give the centennial World Cup in 2030 to the continent to honour Pele and Diego Maradona.

As competition heats up before the world body decides on the 2024 event, Alejandro Dominguez said that “money” should not be as important.

Uruguay, which hosted the first World Cup with 13 teams in 1930, has joined with Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay to try to host the second World Cup with 48 teams in 2030.

The biggest problem is a bid from Spain, Portugal, and Ukraine, which has the support of the European governing body UEFA. Reports say that Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Greece could make a bid together.

At an event to honour the sick Pele, Dominguez was asked if the legacy of the late Maradona or Pele could help change the decision. He said that FIFA had to choose between football and money.

“The question is for FIFA: what do they plan to do with the history made by Pele and then Maradona?” The leader of CONMEBOL, which is a group of South American countries, said this.

“It should really go back to its roots, since football isn’t just about making money. It shouldn’t be a race to see who can pay the most for the World Cup.”

“It should also be about honouring the people who made this party possible,” said Dominguez, referring to Pele, Maradona, and Uruguay, which hosted the first World Cup.

Dominguez said that CONMEBOL had also suggested that Brazil change its national shirt to honour Pele, who is 82 years old and has been hospitalised this month with cancer.

The shirt’s badge has five stars at the top, one for each World Cup victory. Pele played on three teams that won.

Dominguez said that the plan was for Brazil to “change three of their stars for three hearts as a tribute to the king.”

Info source – AFP

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