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Venezuela And Russia Have Signed Eleven Cooperation Agreements

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CARRAS – Venezuela and Russia signed eleven agreements to work together over the next ten years.

At a high-level meeting in Caracas with a visiting Russian delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, agreements were made about health, energy, maritime transport, and the fight against drugs, among other things.

Venezuela’s vice-presidency of the economy said in a press release that one of the agreements signed was a cooperation plan to “fight against drug trafficking” and “improve the supply system for essential insulin medicines.”

PDVSA, which is owned by the government, also signed two memorandums of understanding for the development of energy research and projects and the evaluation of technologies.

During the event, which was part of the 16th High-Level Intergovernmental Commission (CIAN) meeting, Tareck El Aissami, Venezuela’s vice-president of the economy and oil minister, suggested “drawing strategic lines that redefine a bilateral cooperation agenda” for the years 2022-2032.

“Bilateral cooperation has been marked by important achievements and progress,” he said. “These achievements and progress have strengthened and shaped this exemplary relationship, which promises a prosperous future.”

He also said that both countries have signed 326 agreements in areas like trade, energy, agriculture, food, transportation, science and technology, and health.

He also said that because of these agreements, Venezuela has received 9.5 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, 5 million doses of flu vaccines, and 5.4 million doses of insulin.

“We want to make the world more fair and multi-centered, and we agree on how to handle most of the issues on the international agenda”

– Tareck El Aissami

The minister also talked about the fact that there are 84 flights between Caracas and Moscow, which have carried more than 20,000 people. About 500 tonnes of goods are shipped between the two countries.

El Aissami praised the tourism agreements that have “made it possible to open two weekly flights” between Moscow and Margarita Island in Venezuela.

He said that 33 of these flights have already carried more than 15,000 Russian tourists.

The Russian constable prime minister, for his part, said that Venezuela was a reliable, loyal, and strategic ally of Russia in Latin America and around the world.

He also praised what the Venezuelan government was doing to fix the country’s political, social, and economic problems.

He said that Russia plans to send the South American country 1.92 million doses of flu vaccine next year.

The head of the oil industry also said that the CIAN has made it possible for both countries to win, with the deepest respect for the principles of mutual benefit and equality.

Also, since this high-level mechanism has been in place for 20 years, he urged everyone to celebrate, applaud, and thank those who made it possible for two exemplary decades of bilateral cooperation.

In the same way, El Aissami emphasised that his country wants to make strategic lines that again set a cooperation agenda for the next 10 years, covering all parts of both countries’ lives.

He also talked about how they are the leaders in the international concert on hydrocarbons, with OPEC Plus and the forum of gas exporting countries being places where they are especially present and where they agree on things.

Novak, for his part, said that he was confident that relationships, support, and solidarity in Venezuela were getting stronger, and that this did not depend on the political situation.

“We want to make the world more fair and multi-centered, and we agree on how to handle most of the issues on the international agenda,” he said.

The visitor said that Russia and Venezuela have been friends for a long time and that Russia sees Caracas as a reliable, loyal, and strategic ally in Latin America and around the world.

Info source – Today90

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