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Chris Hipkins Is Now The Prime Minister Of New Zealand

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Chris Hipkins was sworn in as prime minister by New Zealand’s governor general during a ceremony in the capital, Wellington.

Hipkins said after taking office for the first time, “This is the biggest honour and responsibility of my life.” “The challenges ahead of me give me energy and make me excited.”

Last week, Jacinda Ardern said she didn’t have “enough in the tank” anymore after leading the country through natural disasters, its worst-ever terrorist attack, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Her Labour government has been losing support in the polls for the past two years. This is because inflation is going up, a recession is coming, and the conservative opposition is getting stronger.

She made her final public appearance as prime minister earlier that day, coming out of parliament to a spontaneous burst of applause from hundreds of bystanders.

Hipkins, who planned New Zealand’s response to the pandemic, is now in charge of bringing the government’s popularity back up before the general election in October.

The father of two is known as “Chippy.” He comes from a working-class background and calls himself a “regular, ordinary Kiwi” who loves sausage rolls and biking to work.

“The health crisis was caused by Covid-19 and the global pandemic. Now it’s an economic problem, and that’s where my government will put its attention,” Hipkins has said before.

Info source – The Guardian

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