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Pakistan Has Registered Starlink Broadband

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According to reports, Ryan Goodnight, Global Director SpaceX, met with Syed Aminul Haq, Federal Minister of Information Technology and Communication. The sides met to discuss the specifics of registering Starlink internet Broadband in Pakistan.

The meeting’s agenda was to investigate how Starlink’s quickest and cheapest satellite internet services will impact the entire approach of providing inexpensive broadband services throughout Pakistan.

It has been found that Elon Musk’s Starlink requested a refundable deposit as a pre-order for service/equipment. But, the PTA requested that pre-order bookings be discontinued.

The Minister expressed confidence that idle mobile towers, even in remote regions, could be inexpensively activated.
Starlink’s services will drastically reduce telecom carriers’ operational costs. Now, Starlink provides international internet services via 2,000 satellites that serve almost 10,000 regular customers scattered across a dozen countries.

Meeting of Global Director SpaceX with Federal Minister of IT and Telecommunication of Pakistan

Furthermore, he stated that idle mobile towers in remote places are easily activated. “Our main goal is to provide internet services at affordable rates to every corner of Pakistan,” stated the Minister, adding that “Starlink can play a key role in this respect.” Ryan Goodnight, Global Director of SpaceX, thanked the Minister for his full cooperation. Furthermore, he stated that Pakistan was making strides in the Technology and telecommunications sectors. “The fundamental steps have been completed, and we are prepared to move quickly.” However the idea would assist grow Pakistan’s telecom business and deliver quality service while keeping ale costs affordable for common people.

The launch of Starlink Satellites Broadband Internet Service in Pakistan would aid in the delivery of high-speed internet connectivity to rural areas. As a result, the effective implementation of Starlink’s services in Pakistan is an important step towards fulfilling the objective of a connected Pakistan.

SpaceX operates the Starlink satellite broadband constellation. The leading Broadband provider offers satellite internet connection in over 50 countries. Furthermore, Starlink uses a low earth orbit to provide the greatest internet services in the world. Starlink is a constellation of hundreds of satellites that circle the planet at a much closer distance, 550 kilometres.

The primary goal of Starlink is to achieve minimal latency, which will permit edge computing on Earth. Each satellite in the Starlink constellation, on the other hand, weighs 573 pounds and has a flat body. As a result, one Space Falcon 9 rocket may carry up to 60 satellites. Starlink is based on a satellite internet service technology that has been around for a long time. Starlink transmits signals via radio frequencies rather than fibre optics.

Info source – Tech Juice

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