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Durian ramen divides Malaysian restaurant

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Durian ramen, a new dish at a Petaling Jaya Japanese restaurant, has divided opinions.
Since May 17, Menya Shishido Restaurant has served ramen in a durian shell with a durian on top. Their tonkotsu soup and actual durian make the broth.

The restaurant says this makes a creamy soup that goes well with ramen. Chasu, egg, spring onions, and durian top this dish.

Due to supply issues, durian ramen is restricted to 20 bowls per day at RM40 ($8.80).

“Finding a supplier and cutting is difficult. “We get a lot of orders so we decided to sell 20 bowls a day,” the eatery wrote on Facebook.

“It actually tastes not bad,” a Facebook user remarked. “The ramen soup has a thicker, and slightly sweeter flavour.”

Some diners like it and want to try it, but others were disappointed.

“The people who invented this deserve a place in the depths of hell,” remarked one user.

“Stop insulting Japanese cuisine,” commented another. Ramen croissant and boba tsukumen were nasty enough.”

The same restaurant debuted croissant ramen with black garlic curry soup in February.

For Valentine’s Day, it provided chocolate ramen.

The restaurant is recognised for offering nasi lemak dry ramen in 2020 and matcha ramen in 2021.

Info Source- VNE Express Interntional

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