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Singapore’s Ministry Of Health Refutes WhatsApp Rumours

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Singapore’s Ministry Of Health Refutes Whatsapp Rumours Alleging A Rapid Increase In Severe Illness And Mortality Caused By The New Covid-19 Xbb Strain.

The Ministry of Health (MoH) of Singapore rejected rumors circulating on the messaging app WhatsApp that the spreading XBB strain of the Omicron variety is causing a rapid and massive surge in Covid-19 cases with severe sickness and mortality in Singapore.

Since August of this year, MoH’s website indicates that the XBB sub-variant has been found in various countries, including Australia, India, Japan, and the United States.

According to preliminary local data, XBB cases are not more severe than other sub-variants of Omicron.

“This is likely owing to the immunity developed by vaccination and prior waves of illness”

Singapore’s Ministry of Health

MoH stated yesterday that the number of severe cases has remained relatively low despite increased cases driven by XBB, including the post-weekend jump this Tuesday.

“This is likely owing to the immunity developed by vaccination and prior waves of illness.” We are actively monitoring the trajectory.”

The Ministry of Health emphasized that there is no proof that XBB causes more severe sickness.

“Up to this point, most patients continue to report moderate symptoms such as the sore throat or slight fever, particularly if vaccinated.”

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As of yesterday, 11 Covid-19 patients are receiving intensive care, and 50 require oxygen support, which is “significantly higher” than the level observed in recent months, according to the ministry.

During the peaks of the previous Delta and Omicron infection waves, there were 171 patients requiring intensive care and 308 requiring oxygen support. In contrast, during the rise of the Omicron infection wave, there were 54 patients requiring intensive care and 242 requiring oxygen assistance.

“The increase in hospitalized patients parallels the overall increase in cases,” the Department of Health noted. Currently, there are 490 hospitalized cases, compared to 1,600 at the height of the Delta wave and approximately 800 at the size of the Omicron wave.

“We encourage the general public not to rush to emergency departments unless facing a medical emergency”

Singapore’s Ministry of Health

The ministry also said hospital emergency departments “continue to remain extremely busy.”

“We encourage the general public not to rush to emergency departments unless facing a medical emergency.”

“Patients, including children, who walk into emergency departments with non-emergency ailments will be referred to other urgent care clinics or primary care clinics for additional evaluation to prioritize emergency department resources for patients who require medical attention.”

Due in part to the rapid increase in cases of the XBB strain, the MoH announced that it would accelerate the introduction of the Moderna-Spikevax bivalent vaccine, which gives protection against the original Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus and its Omicron variation.

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