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Qatar 2022: “Sexiest Fan” Croatian Beauty Queen

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A fan named Ivana Knoll has been dubbed the 2022 World Cup’s sexiest fan, despite Qatar’s stance on women’s dress codes.

According to the Mirror, fans were caught photographing the World Cup’s “sexiest fan” in order to report her to authorities.

Qatar has strict modesty laws, particularly for women, because their criminal system adheres to strict Islamic guidelines.

That didn’t stop a group of what appeared to be Qatari men from photographing Knoll as she walked by during Croatia’s game against Morocco.


– Ivana Knoll
Ivana Knoll in Qatar. (Image by: Matthew Ashton)

The model has been dubbed the tournament’s “sexiest fan,” and she was also crowned Miss Croatia.

Knoll was dressed in a red and white bikini top with tight red leggings, turning the heads of the Qataris in the stands who were watching the Group F match.

The Qataris were seen smiling as they photographed Knoll from behind, with the model reposting the photo on Instagram. Her caption mocked them, saying, “Thank you for your support.”

Knoll’s attire would have likely violated Qatar’s modesty laws if she hadn’t been attending the World Cup. Violations of clothing rules, according to the regulations, can result in prison sentences and extremely high fines.

The model’s post went viral, with many criticising the Qatari men’s apparent hypocrisy. The post also drew the attention of Mohammed Hassan Al-Jefairi, a prominent Qatari businessman, who claimed the men were taking the photos to report Knoll.

“Just for your information, they take a photo not because they like her, but because they don’t like the way she is mis-dressed in regards to our culture,” he tweeted. You can confirm this with any Qatari local. Most likely to report it.”

Knoll was born in Germany but moved to Croatia with her parents when she was seven years old.

Her Instagram account has over one million followers, and she rose to prominence after attending the 2018 World Cup.

Info source – The Heritage Times

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